Dental clinic in Almaty Esilsky District, Residential complex Asyl Park Myangilik Ave. 29/1

In 2017, the “IMATEK-Dent” Dental Clinic opened its branch in Nur-Sultan. The clinic is located in the very center of our capital.

A full range of dental services makes it possible to comprehensively approach the treatment of each patient. In any even the most difficult case, you can find the best way to solve the problem. Under our doctors’ belts there are numerous advanced training courses, leading training centers of countries near and far abroad. Experienced specialists will choose the most suitable treatment method. From the point of view of efficiency and reliability, the result will be the most aesthetic and of high-quality.

The main goal of our specialists, with which they cope every day, is to give people a beautiful, healthy smile and self-confidence!

Our doctors carry out their work with a guarantee and excellent aesthetic quality. Treatment is performed using modern materials.

“IMATEK-Dent” Dental Clinic keeps up with global trends and applies the latest techniques and technologies. The clinic is equipped with the best world equipment. We pay special attention to the comfort and safety of treatment.


"Imatek-dent" Dental clinics - the best dentists

The most modern equipment, diagnostics and treatment using the latest technology in dentistry.
Highly qualified specialists who graduated in Europe and the USA.

Honest, open, sincere relationships are my main life position. An excellent result of work and grateful patients inspire much more than material values. Creating a business that benefits people, society, country I always try to be in tandem with my lovely team of like-minded people: my family, my team. Living in constant gratitude to the Creator for all that he has endowed us with, work tirelessly, expanding opportunities and honing the mastery of our beloved work.

To succeed in life to do as many good deeds as possible, give warmth to loved ones, inspire, teach, educate and work again!

Suntaeva Karlygash Usenovna

Director of the clinic, orthopedic dentist of the highest category. Read the full article

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